The Medium Review — Lives Up To Its Name


The titular medium, in this case, is Marianne, an orphan who grew up with the strength to peer into the spirit world, leading to a tough formative year as she attempted to return to terms together along with her abilities. As she grows up she learns that as scary as her powers can occasionally be, she also can use them to assist loose trapped spirits which have been not able to well circulate on. We select out up her tale in the ’90s in which she’s simply buried her foster father, Jack. A mysterious phone name from a person named Thomas summons her to an abandoned resort referred to as Niwa in which a mysterious bloodbath was rumored to have taken place.

This could now no longer generally be a proposal really well worth wonderful owing to the probability of this being a person providing to promote you a vacuum or, a whole lot greater likely, a serial killer doing a piss-negative activity of luring sufferers to their demise. For Marianne, though, there’s a positive enticement to journey to Niwa as Thomas now no longer simplest is aware of who she is and what powers she has however additionally guaranteed to explain the routine dream she has been having of a dead woman on a pier.

Of course, on arrival Thomas is nowhere to be determined in the crumbling ruins of Niwa. Instead, Marianne reveals the spirit of Sadness, a younger lady who would possibly take into account who Thomas is and possibly the fact in the back of the bloodbath at Niwa. But matters are in no way easy, and a monster from the spirit international is stalking the halls, purpose on locating Marianne. Who is Thomas? Who is Sadness? And what’s the scary monster referred to as The Maw?

As a hardcore fan of slow-burn, mysterious tales, and psychological horror. The medium premise was immediately intriguing to me. The Medium largely fails at what it becomes seeking to be. It isn’t scary sufficient to be an immediate horror game, nor does it burrow into your psyche and ship those chills up your spine as an amazing mental horror should. As a thriller, it does better, however, even then there’s no feeling of anxiety or the sensation of by no means knowing what’s expecting you round the subsequent corner. The gameplay is extra of a dull, sluggish trudge thru lengthy regions that have one or intractable items and the maximum simple of puzzles that require almost 0 use of your brain, which additionally renders the stock machine nearly useless. That leaves us with the story, without difficulty the pleasant part of The Medium and but still now no longer something special. It has some engrossing moments and twists inside the tale, however, the characters are an alternative flat and difficult to connect with, and the finishing left me feeling greater indignant than satisfied.



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